Multi masternode share manager

Effortless creation, management, and monitoring for Bcash masternode And multi cryptocurenccy

What is Masternode

A masternode is an important component of the privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency Bcash. Masternodes are dedicated servers on the Internet that enable instant transactions and perform the trustless anonymization of users' funds. Masternodes require 3000 Bcash as collateral, a secured server, a full-time Internet connection, and periodic updates.

Why choose this site?

Mnode.cash is the first fully automated multi-masternode deployment application developed by Bcash Team.
Mnode.cash brings convenience, clarity and transparency to the user.

Trusted masternode shares

For users with less than 3000 Bcash, masternode shares are also available.
The user has a lower coin than the specified level to set up a masternode on the other cryptocurenccy, masternode shares are also available.

How trusted shares work?

For example
These masternodes are split into 30 shares each costing 100 Bcash.
Users request a deposit address by wallet in mnode.cash and deposit Bcash to it.
The largest input address from your deposit is selected for your share payouts and eventual withdrawal.
This address is assigned to a masternode and receives a portion of all future earnings of that node.
The details of the deposit, the payment address selected, and the specified masternode are displayed in the account of the entire user on the system Mnode.cash
Sending a deposit receipt will refund the deposit and close the share, suspending any future stock payments.

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How to Setup a masternode?

  • STEP 1
    Login or Signup to manage site

  • STEP 2
    Create a Masternode

  • STEP 3
    Wait to setup
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